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We offer a broad assortment with Medical Oxygen Cylinders and Related Respiratory Accessories which are Globally certified (ISO 9001:2015). All products complaint with WHO, IMO, IMDG/MFAG.
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For each medical oxygen cylinder sold by MedOx Marine, we will donate a financial contribution to Trees for All foundation. Their mission is to plant new forests worldwide and to protect and restore existing forests.


Commercial Maritime

The Medical Oxygen requirements within the Commercial Shipping depends, among other aspects, on the sailing area, crew size and the ship’s cargo. A ship carrying dangerous cargo must be able to resuscitate two patients at the same time and independent from each other by using a 40L oxygen cylinder installed in a ship's hospital. This is in addition to the portable oxygen resuscitation set which is used at the site of the accident. Our MedOx Marine Team is up to date with all applicable laws and regulations and will be glad to assist you.




Cruise & Passenger Marine

The medical oxygen outfitting on board cruise ships is very extensive, this is due to the large number of passengers and often the oxygen is also administered to passengers with chronic lung diseases. MedOx Marine always keeps a considerable stock of cylinders and related accessories, which enables us to deliver orders in a short period of time.



Offshore Oil & Gas

The regulations concerning the medical oxygen outfitting on board of offshore rigs differs from those of the shipping industry. Almost all drilling rigs are equipped with a hospital with a medic or doctor and in addition there is a helideck which makes a quick medical evacuation possible. Our MedOx Marine Team is well aware of the guidelines that apply to the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry and is happy to help you with the right equipment.



Private Marine &
Super Yachts

The medical oxygen equipment on board of Private Marine & Super Yachts is quite basic and in most cases a Portable Resuscitator Set is sufficient to comply with regulations and to ensure the safety on board. However, there are a number of aspects that can affect the contents of a Set. Our MedOx Marine Team will be happy to help you put together the right Portable Resuscitator Set.